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45.Caliber Cast Bullets > .459 Mini Groove .45 cal. / AKA Dr Lay Money Bullet
.459  Mini Groove .45 cal. / AKA Dr Lay Money Bullet

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.459  Mini Groove .45 cal. / AKA Dr Lay Money Bullet for BPCR Rifles

1 Box Price (50 Bullets) 4 Box Price (200 Bullets)

10 Box Price (500 Bullets)

$39.99 $143.96 @ $35.99 each $339.92 @ $33.99 each
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Packed per box of 50

Paul Jones Mini Groove ~ Also known as the "Money Bullet"

538g Mini Groove. A new design by Dan Theodore in .45 caliber. Holds approx. ½ the lube as the Creedmoor Long Range. Quickly becoming the favorite among competitive long range shooters nationwide.

Diameter Length Weight

.459 cast
Bottom 3 Bands =.459
Band 4 = .454
Band 5 = .453
Band 6 = .450
.459 sized

1.455 538 gr

All of our bullets are individually inspected for proper fill out and for any defects.

Bullet Lube:
We use Sagebrush Alox Lube, which we believe is the best lube available. We tested our lube for 3 years before putting on the market. It is formulated with beeswax, Alox and a special blend of animal tallow, vegetable and seed oils.

Bullets are packaged and protected in styrene foam trays with an outer cardboard box.

Bullets ONLY available in 20:1 lead/tin alloy.

We will size and lube the bullets for you FREE!

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