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45.Caliber Cast Bullets > .459-.550 Heavy Mini Ell (HME)
.459-.550 Heavy Mini Ell (HME)

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Prod. Code: 45 Heavy Mini

.45 cal. Heavy Mini Ell BPCR Bullet Design
by Sagebrush

This tried and true design has brought us much success and is all we will use.  Right now you can purchase any quantity at the low 10-Box (500 bullet) Price so.... Give it a try! 

1 Box Price (50 Bullets) 4 Box Price (200 Bullets)

10 Box Price (500 Bullets)

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Regularly $143.96 @ $35.99 each
$339.92 @ $33.99 each
Sized and Lubed FREE!         Packed per box of 50


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Packed per box of 50

Heavy Mini Groove

553g Heavy Mini Groove. A new design by Sagebrush in .45 caliber. This bullet has been designed for the 18 twist with vilicities over 1280 fps

Diameter Length Weight

.459 cast
Bottom 3 Bands =.459
Band 4 = .456
Band 5 = .453
Band 6 = .450 Bore
.459 sized

1.47 553 gr

All of our bullets are individually inspected for proper fill out and for any defects.

Bullet Lube:
We use Sagebrush Alox Lube, which we believe is the best lube available. We tested our lube for 3 years before putting on the market. It is formulated with beeswax, Alox and a special blend of animal tallow, vegetable and seed oils.

Bullets are packaged and protected in styrene foam trays with an outer cardboard box.

Bullets ONLY available in 20:1 lead/tin alloy.

We will size and lube the bullets for you FREE!

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