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Spotting Boards > Alliance Spotting Board by Sagebrush.
Alliance Spotting Board by Sagebrush.

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Price: $9.99
Prod. Code: 07ASB

Spotting Board for Hoffland Range in Alliance, Nebraska

Our heavy-duty laminated spotting boards are designed to make the spotters job much easier to show the shooter where the hits or misses are. With the bright white back and vivid colors the shooter can instantly see the board. Each target is centered on a minute of angle grid for precision sight correction. For added convenience there is a score card for each target.

These spotting boards work well with dry-erase markers or erasable grease pencils.  We recommend using grease pencils.  Dry erase markers tend to dry out quickly on the range in hot, dry conditions.

  Made in America by Sagebrush.


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