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Sagebrush Muzzleloader Supplies > Sagebrush Dry Cap 'n Ball Revolver Wads 1000-count/.31, .36 & .44-.45 cal.
Sagebrush Dry Cap 'n Ball Revolver Wads 1000-count/.31, .36 & .44-.45 cal.

Price: $39.99
Prod. Code: 21WWAD

1/8 inch Thick Sagebrush Wool Felt Shooting and Reloading Wads ~ Bag of 1000

Natural wool felt has excellent properties for sealing gases and bullet base protection. The 1/8" thickness works great for filling cartridge space when you need to lower the powder charge.  These wads are precision die cut to be over-sized in each caliber for better bullet base protection and sealing gases.

Cap 'n Ball Revolver Wads
Sagebrush Revolver Wads are made of 100% natural wool felt . Cap 'n Ball Revolver Wads are designed to be placed over the powder column with the ball on top of the wad to seal gases and protect from chain firing in the cylinder and to soften fouling. 

Widely used for pistol or muzzleloader shooting and BPCR reloading.

Available in sizes:
.31 cal.
.36 cal.
.44 -.45 cal.

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