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Reloading Supplies > Sagebrush Case Lube 64oz Refill Jug
Sagebrush Case Lube 64oz Refill Jug

Price: $49.99
Prod. Code: 50764

1/2 Gallon Case Lube

Sagebrush Case Lubricant

Our Case Lubricant is engineered for resizing metallic cartridges for the reloaders. Non-aerosol spray bottle formulated with isopropyl alcohol and lanolin. A light mist applied to the cases will do the job for most resizing and additional application for difficult sizing and forming.

Shake well to mix thoroughly. Place a single layer of empty cartridge cases in a flat container such as a box or tray. Spray all cases, shake container then spray again. Wait approximately 5 minutes to evaporate the alcohol. A properly lubricated case should feel slightly greasy.

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