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Reloading Supplies > Sagebrush Wool Felt Reloading Wads-1000 Qty
Sagebrush Wool Felt Reloading Wads-1000 Qty

Price: $44.99
Prod. Code: 21WWAD

Wool Felt Over Powder Wads

1/8 inch Thick Sagebrush Wool Felt Shooting and Reloading Dry Wads ~ Bag of 1000

Natural wool felt has excellent properties for sealing gases and bullet base protection. The 1/8" thickness works great for filling cartridge space when you need to lower the powder charge.  These wads are precision die cut to be over-sized in each caliber for better bullet base protection and sealing gases.


BPCR Over Powder Wads
38-55 cal. = .386" dia.
40 cal.  = .416" dia.
45 cal.  = .462" dia.
50 cal.  = .518" dia.
58 cal.  = .590" dia.

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