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Sagebrush Ceramic Porcelain Polishing Media

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Prod. Code: 68002

Ceramic Porcelain Polishing Media
6 lbs. Media / 8 oz Tumble Bright

Polishes and cleans brass cartridges inside and out in a fraction of the time as other media types. Tumble wet with Tumble Bright and water. (see instructions)  Kit includes one 8 oz. bottle of Tumble Bright concentrate!

This Media Size is 3mm x 7.5mm 
Not recommended for smaller than 40 cal. or bottle-necked cartridges.

To clean smaller cartridges, we recommend using our smaller 3mm ball Micro Bright Media.  The smaller media can be used in any of the black powder cartridge sizes. 

Any ceramic media can get lodged in small bottlenecked cases for high power rifles.  We recommend tumbling those in our Tumble Bright (sold separately) solution and water without media.

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