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Sagebrush Cartridge Drying Rack

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Case Drying Rack

Sagebrush Wood Drying Rack

This drying rack is designed to dry your rifle cartridges faster after cleaning by allowing the water to drain. It also helps to separate and organize cartridges for more than one rifle while drying. Available in four cartridge sizes: .38 cal, .38 long colt, .40 Sharps Straight, .45 cal, or .50 cal. Made from 1/4" oak plywood. The 3 piece design easily breaks down and fits flat in any shooting box. When disassembled, the size is only 14" x 6" x 1/2". Cut from 1/4" oak plywood for durability.

Please note:  40-65 brass should be dried in the .45 cal rack as it is made from necked-down .45 cal brass.


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