Team Sagebrush at Quigley
2014 Quigley

Team Sagebrush Shooting New Bullet Design 459 Heavy Mini Groove

Team Sagebrush
at the 2014 Quigley

Shooting Our NEW
Bullet Design....

459-550 HME (Heavy Mini Groove)

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 Other Team Sagebrush Shooters

LeRoy Eichthaler, Bridgeport, NE (Senior)  score 37/48 personal best

Andy Harris, Henry, NE score 30/48 personal best

Tammy Harris, Henry, NE (Lady) score 30/48 personal best

Riley Harris, Henry, NE (Junior) score  26/48 personal best

Carl Shaw, Bridgeport, NE (Senior) score 24/48 personal best


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