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NEW Annealing Machine


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Price $450   Intro Price $350
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Cases Rotate Between 2 Torches
  • 12 inch Aluminum Disc
  • 36  45-70 cases per minute
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Simple On/Off Switch
  • No Special caliber plates
  • No holes to set cases in
  • No Timers
  • No Speed Controls

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Price $450   Intro Price $350
Torches not included.  We recommend BernzOmatic Pencil Torches.

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Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Bullet Molds

.45 Cal
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Team Sagebrush at the
2014 Quigley

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 Shooting Our NEW Bullet Design....
459-550 HME (Heavy Mini Groove)

"3rd Place"
1st Place Ladies "Crazy Cora"
Harlan & Tiffany
"Top Husband/Wife"
"Top Ballard Rifle"


Your Choice.....Hand Cast or Machine Mold

Machine Molds
Includes Bolt Kit with Springs and Keys to fit machine.
NO SPRUE PLATES...MUST provide your own from manufacturer

BPCR Bullet Molds

Hardline Industries specializes in creating the finest quality hand casting and machine bullet molds. We offer two, four, and six cavity hand casting molds as well as Magma, Ballisti-Cast, and Hardline auto-cast molds.

Cross Venting
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Why Sagebrush Molds are Better

 Mold Blocks
Mold blocks are made from a continuous cast gray iron similar to ASTM A48 class 40. This material is well suited for applications requiring high resistance to wear and response to heat treatment. The cast iron has a very uniform, dense, fine grained microstructure due to the continuous casting manufacturing technique where molten metal is pushed through a die instead of being cast in the traditional manner. Many mold manufacturers use pre-made blocks such as RCBS and are limited to bullet length. Our larger blocks prevent the bullet nose from being too close to the block edge and allows for better heat distribution.

Sprue Plates
The sprue plates are hardened for preventing the sprue plate from galling with the top of the mold block. The sprue plate is a thick .25” to allow more alloy forced into the mold.
Alignment Pins
The blocks have three sets of nitride hardened taper lock pins to insure perfect alignment and high wear resistance.


Now Available
 Sagebrush Bullet Molds
For more info call Harlan 308-249-2977

Do you want a mold made to your specifications?

We have Precision Bullet Design Software.
Let us know what you have in mind.


1 Gallon
Ready To Go

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